Welcome to AanaxagorasR

AanaxagorasR is a software development and system integration service provider. We deliver innovative solutions for businesses of our clients and do this professionally, fast and cost-effective. AanaxagorasR is a dynamic pro-active global technology and consulting company .Our unique onsite / offshore global delivery model is guided by dedication to client satisfaction.

anaxagorasR delivers end-to-end enterprise and business time-bound solutions that best suits to industries. AanaxagorasR is a converge point for Global clients who look for technology driven, vibrant digital environment, high quality, cost effective solutions & services. We can accomplish these using our business and professional services. AanaxagorasR provides high value to customers' time and money.

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Process of development

Our team analysis the requirment of customer. Requirements analysis is the process of determining user expectations for a new or modified product.

For making website attractive, provideing concept to clients, because each website has its own concepts for developing.


website design is the first impression you make on your customers and visitors. It helps you achieve online success

Developing website as per client's requirment, next step is testing. If the customer and the supplier agree on the product, the software development is done.

launc website after testing. And deliver it to clients.