We are passionately committed to excellence and this is the force behind our success.

Our Team

We have a talented and proficient team of personnels, who are active in providing the services to our clients with their needs. Employed from among the best professional present in the industry, these workforces are experts of this domain. Not only this, they spent some valuable time with the customers to find out and understand their needs , requirements and requests in the best possible way. Besides, we conduct a training regular meetings and sessions for our employees to imporve their understanding in coordination with the progresses and growths going on in the IT market.

AanaxagorasR have professional team of ASP.NET, Java, MS Access/Excel, PHP, Mobile Programmers who specialize in web application development, website development and programming.

AanaxagorasR Team belives in client satisfaction and fulfill the client needs.

Maintaining and upgrading the quality of work and motivating people to constantly deliver work to client's satisfaction.


1160 Rue Saint Mathieu,
Suite 100,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H3H 2P4


104 Commercial Pkwy
Cedar Park,
TX 78613