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Client's Testimonials

" I am very satisfied with the work. Work was completed on time as per my requirement. Very good support even after the job was completed. Would highly recommend these guys."
Elley, Canterbury, UK
"I am very pleased with where we are with AanaxagorasR today. It has been a good relationship and the people are very good. I think they are doing a good job. The people’s hearts are at the right place and I think it is going to be a wild ride."
Adam, City Road, Australia
"There were a number of things that made us choose AanaxagorasR - one of them being its name in the market. I think that the value that AanaxagorasR was delivering for the price and a number of overall things came into our selection."
Annie, Wellington, New Zealand
"I wanted to extend my sincerest thanks for your assistance, design and maintenance of our website. Working with you was a pleasure."
Rahul Beri , Nehru Place , Delhi
"Developer responds super fast to questions. Easy to use website , looks great. Highly recommended :) Nice work"
Ayush , Sector 36 ,Noida


“The Great service continues! Site is looking great and is working great. Very glad I choose this company and went with my gut feeling. Sometime when the price seems real low, well most of the time it means poor service that has not been the case here. Highly recommend anybody who is considering this company to go ahead and do it , Great team.”

Sometimes we invent those things, sometimes we’re part of the developing Aanaxagorasr. In years gone by, we've been pioneers in bringing Java, .NET to early adopting enterprises.